PTI Tsunami in Karachi and MQM

I need to start with so-called controversy. Why Imran Khan is not opposing MQM ? Imran Khan said many times in his interview that ‘we should know our real enemy and MQM is not our major enemy’. MQM currently holds only 25 seats out of 342 in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Which means that in National assembly MQM only has 7.30 % majority compared to PPP, which has 93 seats i.e. 27.2 % in National Assembly. Also, take into account PML- N which has 68 seats in National Assembly.

In addition, MQM political control is only limited to Karachi and Hyderabad. Whereas, compared to PPP and PML-N, together they have political control in all 4 provinces including Azad Kashmir. Therefore, why should Imran Khan and its party PTI focus on MQM? I personally think Imran Khan and his party adopt a very strategic policy and this shows their political matureness and sensibility.

I would like to quote “Sun Tzu” who was a Chinese General, who stated ‘It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one…”

PTI which is already attacking PPP and PML-N (the two main Mafia parties) it’s not a clever move to attack third party (MQM) .No party in the history of Pakistani Politics so much vibrantly attacked (politically) the vote bank of PPP and PML-N together, however, now time has changed for good. PTI and its leadership are getting closer to their benchmark and objective day by day. The more time PTI gets, the more political supports they’ll able to gain, as it is prime facie obvious.

Now I’ll come to the Karachi Jalsa and what I feel and experienced when I was there. Firstly, people from all work of life participated there. Majority were youngster and middle age men. I had hardly able to saw few old people. The ground was not grassy as one in Lahore; there was a lot of dust and dirt but it doesn’t really matter as no one cares about those fiddling things. Secondly, around 80% of the people at the Jalsa Gah unable to get a seat/chair, me myself stood for 5 hours as chairs were not enough for such a massive crowd ,also people who were in front rows it’s difficult to take a breath even . Thirdly, there was no feeling of terror among people in Jalsa Gah, all men and women were full of passion and energy. This was the first time when huge number of Pathan and Urdu speaking community was together and shouting slogans in favor of Pakistan and their leadership especially Imran Khan. Such as:-

‘ Aik Tsunami.. Aik Tofaan.. Imran Khan Imran Khan.. Aik Tsunami.. Aik Tofaan.. Imran Khan Imran Khan..”

As usual theme of PTI, Pop songs were played and one thing which impressed me personally, that songs were played in different languages including Urdu and Pashto. Which gave a very important positive message to all Karachiites and Pakistan, that all communities could be unite as they were before 1985.

PTI gave huge respect to senior political figure Javed Hashmi. When he entered the Jalsa Gah, all of the crowd gone crazy unexpectedly and starts shouting slogans in favor of him.

‘ Aik Bahadur Admii.. Hashmi Hashmi ”

I must say after Imran Khan Javed Hashmi won the hearts of the people at Jalsa Gah. Ironically people were discussing among themselves about Javed Hashmi’s struggle against dictatorship and towards democratic process.

Imran Khan, in his usual style addressed the massive Karachiites as because of IK people attended the Jalsa on 25 Dec 2011. He is man behind all success. I don’t want to comment on his speech as he is one of the finest public speaker and know what he says. Imran Khan Speech of Karachi Jalsa was far much better as he did not criticize any political parties, apart from one joke related to cricket match with Nawaz Sharif. He focused on his political agenda and vision. Imran Khan promised the people that he will try his level best to achieve Quaid’s dream of welfare state when he’ll come in power. At this point in time, it’s too early whether PTI able to won huge number National assembly seats from Karachi or not, but there is no doubt, now PTI is a force in Karachi even. Notwithstanding, MQM is political reality and its supporters are of different mindset compared to PPP and PML-N.

Some drawingroom people said Khan did not clearly mentioned his policies. I just need to tell them one thing It was Jalsa not PowerPoint presentation where intellectual or think-tank were sitting. PTI Jalsa Karachi gave positive message to all Pakistan especially Karachiites that politics in Karachi is moving towards peace and harmony rather than division and ethnicity.


4 thoughts on “PTI Tsunami in Karachi and MQM

  1. Haris Saeed says:

    awesome conclusion dude 🙂

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  3. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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