‘Could you be the next Prime Minister’ Student Blog(Winner) Menifesto

Junaid Ahmed (The City School PAF chapter)

Pakistan is the land where opportunities are countless, where people work really hard like in any other developed county. We as a nation got extra ordinary talent to dominate in any field from agriculture to space and technology. There is no doubt that Pakistan is in very big crises from politics to economy. We need a new face, a leader which can lead the great nation.
If I become the next PM of my homeland then I will eliminate all problems which are related to a common man or related to industrialists, because I am not from those who would take bribe or make corruption. I will not sit in my PM house to draw a plan or make decision; I will work as a team and work in a democratic way, not just sitting and enjoying the pleasures of being PM.
My manifesto includes all the remedies of a corrupted system and also includes injections which would definitely make our country stable and prosper.

1. I will improve my direct relation with China and Iran, because these two countries are our neighbor and most powerful country in the Asia from both economic and military point of view. I will make strong and very friendly foreign policy with China and Iran rather than from USA.
2. I will stop operation in FATA & North Waziristan & make dialog and negotiations with so called “Pakistani Taliban” and people who are fighting in FATA and Waziristan. I would take emergency steps for the development of these areas.
3. I will reduce Military budget from 70% to 45%.Moreover,as Pakistan become stable and stable I will reduce more than that.
4. Education will be my major priority in my Manifesto, I will increase my education budget from 5% to, around 50%.There will be one Pakistani Board which prevail all over Pakistan i.e. Pakistan Education System. The system of education will be unified and same for all.
5. Judiciary would be given more powers and it mush be independent. No one can deny the rule of law. Everybody would be held accountable for their actions (even I AM or current Government).I will reverse the Judiciary to November 2 position.
6. For the power generation (Electricity) sector I will introduce new tactics like Wind and Solar power station, which are cheap and environmental friendly as well. Moreover, I will also introduce new projects which will cater the need of overwhelming population and excess demand of electricity. Pakistan irrigation system is one of the best in the world according to different surveys, so I will build new dams and barrages for both irrigation and power generation purposes.
7. For Agriculture sector, I will give as much subsides as I can, because we all know Pakistan most of the economy based on Agriculture. I will reduce the price of fertilizers and chemicals which are being used by my farmer brothers. Cotton exports are also given extra importance ,I will give farmers free fertilizers and loans(No interest) to cultivate more cotton and wheat so that we can able to generate more and more export revenue from developed countries like UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Germany etc.
8. I will introduce friendly investment policies in Pakistan, so that foreign and local people much invest in Pakistan rather than anywhere else in other country. I will give them land on cheap prices so that investors are more likely to set up their company or factory.

9. I will also introduce new Land reforms Laws; because we know that federal system still prevails in Pakistan right now, in which there is a relationship between owner and serf. This is totally unfair and funny in 21st century. According to land reforms no person can hold lands which give him enough power to rule that particular land according to his will.
10. I will Introduce New Laws including garbage law, strict Traffic laws, buses laws, child labor law, Women abuse law & Education law. These laws would be strictly implemented on emergency stages at any cost.

11. Social or Public service sector will also take as major issue. Hospital’ standards will be upgraded and establishing of new Hospitals and small medical centre is also one of my major priorities. Government schools curriculum will be changed all over Pakistan according to ‘Pakistan Education System’. New schools much be established with modern equipment and with their strong teacher faculty. Previous Government school and colleges will be checked and upgraded.10 new government universities will also be established in different provinces including Baluchistan and FATA division.

12. Sports will be given extra importance, I will change some of the major polices of the following Boards.

• Pakistan Cricket board
• Pakistan Hockey Federation
• Pakistan Squash Federation
• Pakistan Snooker Association
• Pakistan Boxing Federation
We were the World Champions in all above 5 sports. However, right now we are not a world champion even in a single sport, more funds and grants are supposed to be given to sportsmen and sportswomen. I will make sports as a part of school curriculum and marks are supposed to be given on sports as well in every school. Furthermore, other sports like Football, rugby, sailing, golf, table tennis ,tennis, athletics and swimming are also given equally importance and funds are also be allocated for them as well. New coaches from Pakistan and abroad will be hired for the betterment of different sports activities in all over Pakistan. New grounds and sports academies will be established in all 4 different provinces. so that pure talent will be appreciated.

13. Water and sewerage issues are also taken into account. I will introduce new modern water and sewerage system in all over Pakistan.
14. Police is our protector, Police personal salaries would defiantly increase by 40%-50%.Modern equipment and weapons should be given to them. Separate Hosing schemes will also be introduced for Police officers and their juniors like Armed forces. Police uniform will also be changed, because to change the perception of Police department in the eyes of normal person.
15. Fire fighting unit will also be upgraded, new modern equipment would be given to them. Talented fire fighters would be sent to developed countries to get their training.

This is just a beginning, as time passes I will introduce different tactics to tackle the issues, and make my homeland a developed nation in a very limited time.


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