“Aao Mil Ker Rokain TB Ko”

TB literally mean’s Tuberculosis, a bacterial infection which primarily attacks the lungs, but which may also affect the kidneys, bones, lymph nodes, and brain. In Pakistan many people in a first sight feel very hesitant to talk on this broader issue. The reason why majority of people in our country suffer from this is because majority of people do not have particular awareness or information as far as TB is concerned. Yes, TB is preventable and it is not as convoluted and complicated as people believe it to be. However, the big question is that what measures we as a nation can take to overcome this disease.

Although medication plays an important role in curing TB but the role of prevention, especially at individual level can not be overruled. In this regard overall good health through prevention plays a pivotal role not only in reducing the chances of the disease reappearing but also to get rid of it for ever. For retaining and maintaining good health, diet pattern and exercise are two main aspects of human life which counter almost all diseases including TB. The base of good health is food and the bases of good food are uncooked and sprout food. A regular big breakfast should be eaten which should include some dates, bananas, apples etc are very important both for healthy body and mind. Moreover, people should try to use of fried food and bakery item as little as possible and not use tobacco and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages as research shows these are very harmful for health. Similarly, exercise or physical activities are very much important to keep the body in proper shape and it also improves cardiovascular fitness. People should avoid using motor vehicle for short distances. During physical exercise or physical activities the overall function of body organs including lungs increases which results in better supply of energy and oxygen to the whole body. In this regard modulated breathing exercises especially deep breathing exercises are very beneficial and helpful in defeating TB.

Furthermore, general preventive measures should also be taken to reduce the spread of TB in public places. A good ventilation system is one major step as it lessens the chance of infection by dispersing the bacteria. Ventilation system should be encouraged both at home and offices. Similarly, Ultraviolet lighting could also be used as preventive measure as it reduces the threat of infection by killing TB bacteria in confined spaces. Vaccines, such as the ‘bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG)’, are most effective in preventing childhood cases of TB. By making BCG vaccines cheaper, TB cases in childhood will decline sharply. Also, by making BCG vaccination compulsory on every child it will sharply and significantly play a major role in defeating TB.

Another most vibrant and strong step which the government could take is to create awareness especially among the younger age group because they are the ones who will lead the nation in future. This awareness can be created through conducting different seminars in schools, colleges, and community centers. The seminars can be organized from any section of society; it can be organized by government department or by NGO’s or by educational institutions. In school curriculum, interesting, fascinating and absorbing TB topics should be included which would definitely influence the young generation to defeat and stop this bacterial disease. Special shows should be telecast on television to create awareness among people so that they know what painful consequences might be if cure is not provided on time. Special journals should be published from all big hospitals ‘free of cost’ to give information regarding this issue. Diagnoses should be ‘free of cost’ because early diagnose would help to tackle this TB problem effectively. Highly qualified doctors should spend little of their precious time in small medical centers to help patients. Once TB has been diagnosed, further testing is not very complicated because TB is curable. TB is extensively common in developing countries and in poor people so finance and fund raising is a very important step to defeat TB. Top celebrities like singers, sports stars and political figures have the power to influence the masses so they should play a prominent and energetic role in fund raising. Special Institutions should be established to assist those deprived people who unfortunately do not have enough resources to pay for their treatment.

Nevertheless, according to World Health Organization, one individual becomes infected with TB every second. Tuberculosis causes 2 million deaths a year. WHO also predicts that between 2000 and 2020, nearly 1 billion people will be infected with the TB bacteria. It is time to consider and take steps to solve this issue. Developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other urbanized nations should allocate funds and resources for developing countries. These developed countries have more doctors and modern medical equipment to help alleviate this disease. Also, highly prestigious medical universities and medical research centers are also situated in these countries. Due to this fact, TB death toll is extremely low as compared to developing countries like Pakistan.

In conclusion, I would like to say that nothing is impossible if you have the will and strength of mind to change yourself, you can do anything. Start from day one; forget about what will be the conclusion. TB is avertable, preventable and yes curable. I personally think if we as nation at individual and community level start working on the preventive measures and vision already mentioned above, I am very much sure that we would definitely defeat TB and get rid of it forever.


One thought on ““Aao Mil Ker Rokain TB Ko”

  1. Abbas Ahmed says:

    This is great!!! my mom also likes it for shes a doctor!
    nice work

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