Mumbai, War and World Politics

Mumbai experienced its worst accident perhaps in the history, when a group of militants attack the heart of India (Mumbai) on 26th of November, Wednesday. The attacked was made by only 12 proper trained militants who were perhaps trained by International Terrorism Organisation. They were so well organised that even the Indian Army Commandos took around 72 hours to make the situation normal. The attacks took place at different places; however the most serious ones were place at the ‘Taj mahal’ Hotel, ‘Oberrio’ hotel, and the ‘Jewish Outreach Center’. In these deadliest attacks around 220 people were killed and more than 500 were injured. Moreover, Indian chief of anti-terrorist squad was killed in the encounter. Twenty foreigners were also killed including Americans and British nationals.

Subsequently, the blame game started and all the fingers pointed towards Pakistan. The Indian Government claimed that Pakistani intelligence agencies were directly or indirectly involved in that whole episode. Moreover, Indian Media started propagating that all the militants came from Pakistan. They even indentified the mastermind of that whole episode as “Reman” This is joke from my point of view. Just think for a minute: Pakistan is already facing an economic crisis, Pakistan is already fighting terrorism and militancy for instance in FATA, Swat etc, so how it was possible for Pakistani government to carry out this kind of bloodshed. On the other hand, the prime minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani proposed full support and help to the Indian Government, as he decided to sent representative of ISI to go to New Delhi to assist them. On the other hand, Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that Pakistan should handover about 20 people (those, he thinks, are involved in the act); it is against ‘International Law’ to handover any terrorist to the other state, Pakistan has its own law and judiciary to deal with criminals.

Furthermore, in India there will be general election due in January 2009, so Indian government want to save their position for the next upcoming elections. Apparently it is big failure of the Indian government intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies who obviously failed to do their job. If Indian government accepts their own mistake and responsibility then the anger of the people of India will be turned towards their own government and state, which obliviously they don’t want.

Similarly, it’s a big phenomena in the world history that when no facts or evidence were found then blame game start’s which always ended on some third party involvement, apparently somebody has to be blamed rather than no one.

Despite of all facts and figures, now situation is totally changed; many critics argued that situation is going towards WAR between two nuclear armed states. Everybody know that , India is the first one to threaten Pakistan ,the objective behind war is make India more powerful as far as it’s influence is concerned in South-Asia. Influence I mean to make its position more stable and vibrant from strategic perspective. Perhaps USA wants to use India, to counter China and Iran economy and yes military as well, which they know Pakistan will not do that.

If God forbid War takes place between two nuclear armed states, then there will be nothing but yes death’s, murder, atrocities, rape, crime ,bloodshed, more and more which we unable to think of. Just think if nuclear bombs will be used then there will be no life in the region (everything will be ended)…..Pakistan military is about 0.5 Million and Indian military is around 1.5 Million, which is world 2nd largest military. Nevertheless, world accept the fact the Pakistani military men are the bravest and passionate in war, the example is been shown in 1965 war, when Pakistan was not a nuclear power. Moreover, the corruption cases which is been put forward by their own media and government against Indian Armed forces is also one of the major weaknesses of the military as far as India is concerned.

In conclusion, I believe whatever is been done at Mumbai by militants is totally condemnable and against international law. However, war is the not the bright option, it will not solve the problem at all instead it will create more problems in the region. Both countries people are not in the favour of war, they want peace in the region. Indian government should think carefully on that matter, if they take the wrong step then the consequences would be very harsh and painful.


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